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Greases with molybdenum disulphide

Product characteristics

Eni Grease SM 2 is a smooth-textured, black, EP grease, formulated with mineral base oil and lithium as a thickener. The presence of extremely pure molybdenum disulphide assure long re-greasing intervals when this operation is difficult to carry out or it must be delayed. Eni Grease SM 2 adheres firmly to metal surfaces, filling the micro cavities thanks to its excellent adhesion properties. The resistance to water washout and the anticorrosive property make the greases suitable for application exposed to wet environment and in presence of water. Particularly suitable for the lubrication of roller bearings subjected to extreme mechanical and thermal stress such even in presence of vibrations. It can be used on worksites as a universal grease suitable for both heavy machinery and for inaccessible points that can be lubricated only at the beginning of every workshif, when the system is in motion.
Product code 004672
Name Eni Grease SM 2
Specifications and Approvals DIN 51825 KPF 2K -20| ISO 6743/6 L-CKG 2| ISO 12924 L-XBCHB 2| DIN 51826 OGPF 2K -20
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