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Product characteristics

Eni Eco Grease 0 is an ecological grease whit biodegradable vegetable oil base and thickened with calcium soap. Pale brown coloured and smooth-textured appearance contains anti-rust and anti-wear additives. With high mechanical stability and endowed of intrinsic lubricating properties, show a good water washout resistance and is compatible with yellow metals. As a low environmental impact lubricant it can be used as disposable lubricant for agricultural machinery, marble cutting and machinery operating in natural reserves or in waste water treatment plant. Eni Eco Grease 0 is biodegradable according to CEC L-33 82T test.
Product code 004603
Name Eni Eco Grease 0
Specifications and Approvals DIN 51825 K 0F -30| ISO 12924 L-XCBDA 0| Biodegradabilità CEC L-33-T82: >95%
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