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Eni Grease LCX 1/220 is a lithium complex grease, formulated with synthetic base oil of viscosity ISO VG 220 that allow the grease to operate at very low temperatures. The particular combination of anti-wear, EP, anticorrosive and anti-oxidant additives guarantees excellent performance in severe operating conditions such as high loads and in presence of vibrations. In addition, the synthetic base gives a high thermal and oxidative stability over time, allowing a reduction of downtime cases and maintenance costs. Eni Grease LCX 1/220 is particularly recommended for the lubrication of centralized systems of continuous casting, rolling mills, hot press guides and continuous paper production machines.
Product code 004976
Name Eni Grease LCX 1/220
Specifications and Approvals ISO 12924 L-XDEHB 1| DIN 51825 KPHC 1P -40
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