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Eni Grease MU EP 00 is a yellow-brown high performance grease, lithium based, and homogeneous-pomaded appareance. The EP (Extreme Pressure) additive enable the formation of a lubricating layer able to resist of mechanical stresses and/or strong impulsive loads. Suitable for the lubrication of cylindrical, conical and helical gears operating in crank case, where is difficult achieve an effective seal, using a oil and where it is necessary to extend the relubrication times. Eni Grease MU EP 00 is suitable for the lubrication of joints, pins and other parts of industrial, construction and agricultural equipment of linear guides, machine tools and in centralized lubrication of machinery and industrial vehicles.
Product code 004643
Name Eni Grease MU EP 00
Specifications and Approvals ISO 12924 L-XBCHB 00| DIN 51826 GP 00K -20| ISO 6743/6 L-CKG 00
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