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Product characteristics

Eni Grease NF is a yellow/brown, smooth-textured grease, infusible, with a particular gelling thickner agent. With a high adhesion properties to metal surfaces, resists effectively to the vibrations that tend to grease detachment. Eni Grease NF has a strong mechanical and chemical stability that allows the grease to maintain its characteristics unaltered even after intense and prolonged mechanical and thermal stresses. Provided of a effectively anti-wear and anti-rust power without being aggressive, even against the most delicate metals. It also possesses a considerable resistance to oxidation which prevents the tendency to the alteration during the use. Suitable for the lubrication of bearings, gears and unit operating at very high temperatures where the other types of grease aren't able to resist. Eni Grease NF is also provided with water repellency characteristics that allow the utilize in wet environment and in the presence of water.
Product code 004660
Name Eni Grease NF
Specifications and Approvals ISO 12924 L-XADGA 2| DIN 51825 K 2N -10
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