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Product characteristics

Eni Grease PHT is a multipurpose grease, mineral based thickened with polyurea and with EP additive (extreme pressures). The presence of polyurea gives to the grease a very high dropping point and makes it particularly suitable for prolonged applications at high temperatures without hardening. Eni Grease PHT is recommended for the lubrication of flat and rolling bearings, exposed to water washout,in severe work conditions and subject to heavy loads and impacts. Therefore it is ideal for application in metallurgy, in centralized continuous casting and rolling mill plants, and in rotary kilns and machinery exposed to high temperatures in the ceramics, glass, paper and cement industries.
Product code 004641
Name Eni Grease PHT
Specifications and Approvals ISO 12924 L-XBEHB 1,5| DIN 51825 KP 1,5P -20
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